Yoshino, Nara, Japan


Yoshino, Nara, Japan

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"It must be fun though, no? Posing for photos is amusing, I think. Though in my case I’m not trying to sell what I’m wearing but my music instead. In a way, it’s kind of similar, isn’t it? The image given must be appealing to those who will buy it."

"Ah.. True. It’s a bit of a tiring job, but I like it. The difference is that you give music. At least you have the options of choosing styles, while I don’t. In way, it’s very similar,"

“She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

@ Lady-Yukiji | 1550



       Kaguya hm? Almost like the tale from my childhood. Her appearance certainly matches the part, Yukiji thought to herself. ”Likewise,” she replied. “The night is quite beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” For now she made small-talk.

Kaguya-hime had suspected of anyone finding the truth. For sure, the humans wouldn’t be able to tell it’s her, the creature of a the famous legend. Unless this woman were to, then she’ll convince the lady to keep it a secret. 

Hearing Yukiji mention the night, Kaguya-hime’s face brighten. She had lived in the darkness for such a long time, she had grown to love it. 

"Yes it is. The moon looks quite beautiful tonight," she agrees, turning around to loo up at the sky rom the window.